Account Manager Freelance InDesign Assistant

Freelance Artworker creates print ready artwork in Brighton

InDesign is the best programme for print layout, creating the precise size and shape for the printers. It is also the only programme that can cope with high resolution images. Sarahjane always confirms the print details, size, bleed and PDF spec before creating artwork. She only creates finished (final) artwork from the start of a project, saving time before a print deadline.

Platform Group, Freelance Artworker Sarahjane Jackson

Contact Sarahjane using the email form to discuss any potential projects you may have.

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Update and personalise your small business Blog website

Freelance Artworker Brighton, Sarahjane Jackson, WordPress Dashboard Artworker
Freelance Artworker Brighton, Sarahjane Jackson, WordPress Dashboard Artworker

Artworker publishing branded Posts on your Blog

Personalising and branding your website can be hard if you don’t have the software or time. Sarahjane updated The Choi Foundation website, took photos and expanded the brand by personalising every post image on the Blog. Regular Posts are very important to keep your website ‘alive’ for all search engines, as well as keeping it ‘up-to-date’ for potential customers. Please contact Sarahjane using the email form for help and advice on your Blog website.

The Choi Foundation Martial Art classes WordPress Dashboard Artworker