Graphic Designer print assistant Brighton, East Sussex

Freelance Artworker Brighton, Sarahjane Jackson working for Patrick Morrison, Graphic Designer

Freelance Artworker Sarahjane Jackson

Calling all remote Graphic Designers… do you require help with InDesign amends, recreating artwork and print ready layout created from a scamp? Sarahjane is available at a competitive hourly rate, working remotely or in-house from Brighton.

Patrick Morrison Design, Freelance Artworker Sarahjane Jackson

Contact Sarahjane using the email form to discuss any potential project you may have.

An Artworker is the designer’s mechanic

A car designer will never build or maintain a car, the mechanic does.

A professional Artworker uses InDesign to its full potential (e.g. master pages, styles, keyboard shortcuts, TOC’s etc.). Creating a clean and tidy print ready layout and will be quicker than a designer. This is excellent for large page documents / catalogues / brochures / reports and tenders, keeping consistencies and to corporate branding. An Artworker will also predict future amends and create the layout accordingly. We also have to be highly organised with studio files e.g. images, word files, amends, each office has its own filing structure. This helps other colleagues pick a project quickly.

Artworker’s enables the designer do what they are good at – DESIGNING!