Graphic Designer print assistant Brighton, East Sussex

Freelance Artworker Sarahjane Jackson

Calling all remote Graphic Designers… do you require help with InDesign amends, recreating artwork and print ready layout created from a scamp? Sarahjane is available at a competitive hourly rate, working remotely or in-house from Brighton.

Patrick Morrison Design, Freelance Artworker Sarahjane Jackson

Contact Sarahjane using the email form to discuss any potential project you may have.

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Remote Artworker

Home office designer

Working remotely I was asked to design a staff stock catalogue using existing website branding (colours, logo and fonts). A simple and quick layout of 26 pages. This lead to me creating two more catalogues, two order forms and a stock leaflet. Using the latest Adobe InDesign to create the layout and PDF’s for amends and comments.

Display Centre Artworker