A simple family tree layout, ready for printing on A4 and a easy to use interactive PDF

Freelance Artworker Brighton Sarahjane Jackson, Family tree Adobe InDesign and PDF layout

A family tree for all ages to use

Everyone loves a family tree, and with photos it becomes really personal. Sarahjane Jackson, nee Moth created her family tree using InDesign to create a PDF for home printing all well as for viewing on screen. This solved the problem of a not so practical large piece of paper.

Sarahjane designed the family tree for print and for screen, for all age groups. The A4 print layout contains arrows drawn to the corresponding page, these pages can be laid out like a jigsaw. The same PDF artwork has interactive arrows, click on these to turn to the next page. Very simple to use.

All photos are saved with the person’s full name and date of birth together with the InDesign file. These are kept safe on the cloud for future amends and additions.

Please contact Sarahjane using the email form for any potential project.

See Sarahjane’s testimonials page for glowing reviews.

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