InDesign panels used to create digital exercise books by remote Artworker Sarahjane Jackson

A screenshot showing InDesign panels for Book, Table Styles, Hyperlinks and Paragraph Styles used on the exercise digital books layout. Created by Sarahjane Jackson Artworker Brighton UK

Leo Learning gave Sarahjane their branded InDesign template to Artwork exercise books for accountancy exams. Using InDesign with its paragraph, character, table and object styles to keep all the books consistent, these are advanced InDesign skills. The text was set in a flowing manor, imported from Microsoft Word, this helped with any additions or extraction of content. Pages included charts, tables and diagrams, all made accessible friendly.

A full table of contents was included and one for each module. These create bookmarks and hyperlinks for easy use throughout the documents for the final PDFs. These books also had to be ‘print ready’ using the same InDesign document, for the the non digital students.

This was a huge project, the books varied from 500 to 800 pages long, over 6 months. Working closely and remotely (on google chat) with other graphic designers, project managers and proofers. Digital spreadsheets where used for progress, and everyone knew were they where and what they where doing.

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