Freelance Artworker for print design and graphics

Sarahjane is your Professional print design freelancer in Brighton

Adobe InDesign is the best programme for print layout design. Creating the precise size and shape for the printing and can cope and made for with lots of high resolution images. Sarahjane always confirms the print details, size, bleed and PDF spec before creating artwork, saving time for client proofing.

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Freelance Artworker combines Word and InDesign files for print design

Word document requiring a touch of design for Large Report Tender

Why not have the best of both worlds… a bit of Adobe InDesign combined with an editable large page Word document. Large reports always require rewriting just before it’s due to be submitted. Your document can be kept in it’s sections of editability and design, then combined seamlessly at the end with the power of PDF’s.

This Artworker can tidy and made consistent your word file. This includes all fonts, colours and headings, made to look the consistent with your InDesign pages.

Designed icons / infographics / charts / quote / tables and images from your Website can also be created and added into Word document to create an eye catching layout.

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A Freelance Artworker is the perfect assistant to a Creative Print Designer

Technical InDesign for perfect print design layout

This Artworker enjoys the technical pre setup, adding the foundations of an InDesign document. Print ready, master pages, folios, adding text to brand, styles for TOC and images, table, footnotes, index and icons. Print ready for the designer to add the creative magic. By adding the technical bits first this leaves time for those last minute amends before print. The perfect assistant to the creative designer.

Please contact Sarahjane using the email form for any potential project.

Legal document designed into a print PDF by Sarahjane Jackson, Freelance Artworker

Legal document set up and print PDF created by Sarahjane Jackson, Freelance Artworker
Legal document set up and print PDF by Sarahjane Jackson, Freelance Artworker

Legal document updated to new brand colours and logos

A Microsoft Word document is usually supplied in a real mess, a collection of different fonts and colours. This can be imported directly into InDesign and manipulating the font to fit on four sides and still be readable.

Sarahjane also created an interactive PDF, recreated a T&Cs layouts, made amends to existing projects and help create an EPUB.

GSBA Artworker