Large page InDesign print documents can be very daunting, even to a graphic designer

Freelance Artworker can prep layout, flow in large amounts of copy and images QUICKLY

Sarahjane is very happy to start the prep work on any multi page InDesign print document. Flowing in copy, adding styles, relevant images, charts, icons and remove any inconsistencies (e.g. double spaces etc.). Starting with the ‘final’ content on a layout helps designers see the space they have to work with to create a beautiful design.

Contact Sarahjane using the email form to discuss any potential projects you may have.

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Graphic Designer Assistant is an Freelance Artworker

Graphic Design Assistant Artworker
Wired Sussex Job Fair Paper, Artworker by Sarahjane Jackson, Brighton

Populate 8 printed page local newspaper

Sarahjane used Brian previous artwork and recreated the new updated Wired Sussex Job Fair paper. Working in-house in the Brighton studio with the latest InDesign. Copy sent approved and added to layout. Creating a new map from scratch using Illustrator, keeping everything print ready for the tight deadline.

Brian Kidd Graphic Designer, Artworker