Magazine what’s on guide layout by Freelance Artworker

Publishing Artworker Sarahjane Jackson

Graphic Designer’s involved in publishing hire Sarahjane from time to time to help out when they are busy designing. Involved layout that consist of times, dates and places requires a your full attention especially in a ‘What’s On Guide’.

Sarahjane was asked to help out with local magazine Seaford Scene and Eastbourne Old Town Criers. She is highly organised and thoroughly enjoys the challenge. Using style sheets in InDesign to make the design consistent and quicker to layout.

Fran Tegg Publishing Artworker, Sarahjane Jackson

Please contact Sarahjane using the email form for any potential project.

See Sarahjane’s testimonials page for glowing reviews.

Freelance Artworker specialises in text heavy and long documents

Artworker specialism of text heavy documents
Artworker specialism of text heavy documents

Style your text heavy layout

Text heavy documents are Sarahjane’s speciality, using Adobe InDesign styles and keyboard short cuts to speed up the artwork layout process. Keeping branding consistent is easy when your organised with styles. Text heavy documents are usually a tender, bid or a legal paper. Most are numbered paragraphs and InDesign keeps this automated. With her advanced skills in InDesign, Sarahjane is happy to help other Artworkers, working together as a team. Keeping the artwork consistent and tidy. She is also know to work through the evening to finish before the deadline.

LDA Design, Freelance Artworker

Newsletter created in InDesign

Saved to a png, JPEG or PDF

Newsletters are usually a simple layout consisting of text and images. Created in InDesign and then save to your preferred format.

Propeller DPI Artworker

Text heavy craft manuals InDesign layout

Using Designer corporate branding and guidelines

Sarahjane took on the mammoth text heavy layout project in InDesign of EDF’s craft manuals. Eight manuals in total with around 600 pages long each. The original 1970’s manuals where scanned into word files then Sarahjane imported them into InDesign. Using styles she made from the corporate branding and guidelines to create a consistent document. This also links to automated contents pages for each section. Please see Sarahjane’s references.

Image Data Group, Freelance Artworker, Sarahjane Jackson

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